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WDIV Investigation Goes In-Depth on Oil Pipeline

Date Posted: 1/3/2024

Graham Media Groups Local 4 News in Detroit, Mich., ran a unique 15-minute commercial-free investigative reportt on an oil pipeline at the beginning of its evening newscast. The report led viewers to learn more in a streaming story on the stations website. The report led to a town hall meeting in a movie theater with the oil pipeline company, environmental groups, elected officials and community experts where the investigation will be shown to kick off the program.

WTSP Evaluates Red Tide Situation in Aftermath of Hurricane Elsa

Date Posted: 7/27/2021

TEGNAS CBS affiliate WTSP St. Petersburg, Fla., reported on July 10 about the effect of Hurricane Elsa on the lingering red tide situation in the Tampa Bay area, a harmful algal bloom that produces toxins that can kill fish and cause respiratory problems in humans. "It certainly doesnt seem like, as we had all had our fingers crossed, that Tropical Storm Elsa helped the red tide situation, it certainly didnt flush it out of Tampa Bay," said Dr. Lisa Krimsky, a regional water resources extension agent with the University of Florida IFAS Extension. WTSP also reported on July 15 about the symptoms people may experience from swimming in red tide waters, breathing nearby air and eating contaminated shellfish. Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, coughing, shortness of breath and tingling of the fingers and toes can occur, and symptoms can be more critical for those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

KUNC-FM Details the Consequences of Colorado River Drought

Date Posted: 7/27/2021

In their ongoing coverage of the Colorado River, Community Radio for Northern Colorados KUNC-FM Greeley, Colo., reported on July 7 about how the federal government will declare for the first time this summer a shortage of water due to a prolonged 21-year warming and drying trend that has left the nations two largest reservoirs at record lows. The river serves as drinking water supply, a hydroelectric power generator and an irrigator of crop fields across seven Western states and two in Mexico, and is unable to meet the demands of its various users due to the water decline. Reporter Luke Runyon spoke with people affected by the drought and detailed some of the hard discussions surrounding water use, future water management and adapting to climate change.

Telemundo Stations Air Climate Change Documentary

Date Posted: 4/20/2020

Telemundo-owned KXTX Dallas produced a 30-minute, Spanish Language documentary, Climate Change / Cambio Climatico that aired across Telemundo stations on April 22 (Earth Day). Shot in Anchorage, Santa Monica, Miami, New York City, Houston, and Ontario, Canada, the documentary delivers a scientific presentation about the effects of climate change in communities. The documentary also features Telemundo stations first-ever use of augmented reality technology for a TV documentary. Telemundo owned stations KXTX, KVEA Los Angeles, WSCV Miami, WNJU New York and KTMD Houston contributed. Click here for more on the different locations.

KAIT Saves Lives With Coverage of Tornado Touch Down

Date Posted: 4/8/2020

Gray Televisions ABC/NBC/CW affiliate KAIT-TVs Jonesboro, Ark., live coverage of a March 28 tornado touch down is credited with saving lives. The station captured the tornado touch down as it happened from a roof camera and predicted the path. This allowed weather anchors to warn viewers who had not yet received tornado watches or warnings in their areas to get to safety.

Gray Television announced on April 8 that it would donate $10,000 to recovery efforts.

Redrock Cluster Raises $20,000 for Kids

Date Posted: 12/18/2019

Redrock Broadcastings KURR-FM, KRQX-FM, KUTQ-FM and KZYN-FM St. George, UT, collected $20,000 in its 4th annual all-day radiothon on December 16. Donated proceeds support Root for Kids to aid children with delayed development. Listeners also contributed mountains of diapers and childrens supplies.

Cox Media Group Cleans Up the Arkansas River

Date Posted: 10/31/2019

Cox Media Group (CMG) Tulsa, Okla., including Fox affiliate KOKI-TV, myNetworkTV affiliate KMYT, KRAV-FM, KWEN-FM and KRMG-AM, continued their award-winning environmental sustainability initiative by collecting more than 2,000 pounds of trash from the banks of the Arkansas River on October 12.

More than 75 employees and volunteers served as the environmental clean-up crew. Early-season flooding deposited more debris onto the rivers edges than is typical, making clean-up efforts especially important to prevent garbage from moving down stream.

We pulled out mattresses, ladders, tires you name it, said CMG-Tulsa Market Vice President Cathy Gunther. We collected more than 2,200 pounds of trash that is now headed to a landfill instead of polluting our streams and public parks.

WJXT Airs Special on Hurricane Dorian

Date Posted: 9/23/2019

Graham Media-owned WJXT Jacksonville, Fla., aired on September 24 96 Hours of Anguish, an hour-long documentary on Hurricane Dorian, which landed in The Bahamas on September 1. Reporter Vic Micolucci and Photojournalist Jesse Hanson spent four days - 96 hours - covering the disaster and captured hours of footage. The resulting documentary highlights Bahamians who struggled to survive and Florida-based volunteer operations bringing crucial supplies into hard to access areas.

WTOP Covers Major Storm

Date Posted: 7/31/2019

Hubbard Radios WTOP-FM Washington, D.C., provided critical coverage of crippling floods on July 8. Traffic reporter Dave Dildine covered the storm amid perilous flooding that would leave Canal Rd NW - a thoroughfare - closed for days. Dildine, who arrived on scene before fire and EMS units, ran from car to car, encouraging drivers to turn around until it was too dangerous for him to wade through rising waters.

Dildine took photographs of cars trapped in the flood and unable to turn around in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post featured Dildines photographs on the front page of their national editions the next day. Read his account of the historic flooding here.

WPTV Airs Specials to Protect Beaches, Waterways, Wetlands

Date Posted: 5/6/2019

Scripps NBC affiliate WPTV West Palm Beach aired Protecting Paradise specials, which are focused on multiple environmental issues, ranging from beach bacteria and turtles to aquaculture during WPTVs morning news and its 5 oclock news every day during Earth Week. To culminate the week, WPTV, along with Keep Palm Beach Beautiful, supported and encouraged viewers to sign up to volunteer for the April 27 Great American Cleanup. WPTVs significant commitment to environmental issues is being made with the consultation of who matters most to us, our viewers and our community, said Lloyd Bucher, WPTVs general manager.

WFXT-TV Investigates Littering Issue

Date Posted: 6/1/2016

Cox Communications FOX affiliate WFXT-TV Boston helped answer "Whos helping clean up states trash problem?" Investigative reporter Kerry Kavanaugh learned the state rarely goes after individuals who litter. Through a public records request, Kavanaugh learned Massachusetts State Police have issued fewer than 100 citations since 2013. In 2012, they issued 37. The next year they handed out 33, followed by 22 in 2015. As of May of 2016, state troopers had issued just one.

Cox Celebrates Earth Day

Date Posted: 4/14/2016

CMG Orlando Radio and Cox Events held Keep Winter Park Beautifuls Earth Day in the Park on April 10. The event included yoga, sustainability projects, tree giveaways and seedling plantings.

Cox Media Group Cleans Up Local Waterway

Date Posted: 3/17/2016

Cox Media Group Orlando hosted the 2016 team Cox Orlando River Cleanup with American Rivers and Keep Seminole Beautiful on March 12. The cleanup was held at Wekiva island in Longwood, Fla. Cox employees picked up nearly 1,000 pounds of trash.

Friends Across the Mountains 2015 Telethon Raises $202,000

Date Posted: 9/3/2015

"Friends Across the Mountains" 2015 Telethon Raises $202,000 Tegna Medias NBC affiliate WBIR-TV Knoxville, Tenn., and Sinclair Broadcasting Groups ABC affiliate WLOS-TV Asheville, N.C., raised $202,000 on Aug. 20 to support the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In 21 years, the event has raised more than $3 million. The money will support the rehabilitation of Alum Cave Trail, suppression of invasive species and black bear and elk management.

President Calls on Broadcasters to Spread Climate Message

Date Posted: 6/9/2014

President Barack Obama recently invited eight weather broadcasters to the White House to help raise awareness of the National Climate Assessment, a new report that explains how the warming climate is causing dramatic changes across the United States. The New York Times reports, "Polls show that local television weathercasters are among the most trusted media figures." Broadcasters who were invited included NBCs Al Roker, and meteorologists from Gannett Broadcastings CBS affiliate WLTX-TV Columbia, S.C., and NBC-owned WTVJ-TV Miami.

President Calls on Broadcasters to Spread Climate Message

Date Posted: 6/9/2014

President Barack Obama recently invited eight weather broadcasters to the White House to help raise awareness of the National Climate Assessment, a new report that explains how the warming climate is causing dramatic changes across the United States. The New York Times reports, "Polls show that local television weathercasters are among the most trusted media figures." Broadcasters who were invited included NBCs Al Roker, and meteorologists from Gannett Broadcastings CBS affiliate WLTX-TV Columbia, S.C., and NBC-owned WTVJ-TV Miami.

President Calls on Broadcasters to Spread Climate Message

Date Posted: 6/6/2014

President Barack Obama recently invited eight weather broadcasters to the White House to help raise awareness of the National Climate Assessment, a new report that explains how the warming climate is causing dramatic changes across the United States. The New York Times reports, "Polls show that local television weathercasters are among the most trusted media figures." Broadcasters who were invited included NBCs Al Roker, and meteorologists from Gannett Broadcastings CBS affiliate WLTX-TV Columbia, S.C., and NBC-owned WTVJ-TV Miami.

WSAV-TV Helps Viewers Safely Discard Record Amounts of Documents and Electronics

Date Posted: 1/10/2014

Media Generals NBC affiliate WSAV-TV Savannah, Ga., recently held an "Identity Safe Recycling Day" to assist viewers in destroying their old documents and electronics in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. WSAV-TV set up three locations around Savannah and more than 54,500 pounds of documents and 823 computers were collected, a record amount for the station which has held 18 such events. Since the event launched in 2005, 266 tons of documents have been collected, shredded and recycled, and more than 5,000 computers have been wiped clean and redistributed.

WBIR-TV / WLOS-TVs Telethon Raise $201,000 for National Park

Date Posted: 9/10/2013

Gannett-owned WBIR-TV Knoxville, Tenn., and Sinclairs WLOS-TV Asheville, N.C., broadcast the 19th annual "Friends Across the Mountains Telethon" to benefit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which houses a half-million acres of wilderness between the North Carolina-Tennessee border. The telethon raised more than $201,000 for the park. Since 1995, the event has raised $2.9 million.

WLTX-TV Hosts E-Cycle Event for Columbia, South Carolina Community

WLTX-TV Hosts E-Cycle Event for Columbia, South Carolina Community Gannett-owned WLTX-TV Columbia, S.C. recently partnered with the Richland County Solid Waste division for a day-long E-Cycle event. Viewers were invited to drop off their old TV sets, computers, microwaves and other electronics to be recycled in the WLTX-TV parking lot. A local shredding company was also onsite to dispose of sensitive documents and old tires. In total, more than 1,400 vehicles came to the station. Six tractor trailers of electronics were filled and more than 30,000 pounds of old tires were shredded. Because of WLTX-TV and this event, materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills in the community will be recycled.

WMGK-FM Helps Women in Need Dress for Success

Entercom recently announced it has committed $1 million worth of public service announcements (PSAs) and public affairs programming to The Wilderness Society. The PSAs will be tailored to specific markets. For example, San Francisco stations may run spots focusing on the Sierra Nevada region. The Wilderness Society is an outstanding organization that has played a vital, leading role in protecting our nations public lands. We are very pleased to be connecting the listeners of our 111 stations across the country with this important organization that works on behalf of all Americans, said CEO David Field. The PSA campaign is part of The Wilderness Societys Wild Days of Summer and features celebrities like Dave Matthews, Betty White and Wendie Malick

WBHJ-FM Restore Local Buildings

The last Saturday of each month, on-air personality B. Money from WBHJ-FM in Birmingham, Ala., and his listeners head into the community with supplies to clean, paint and restore the beauty of local establishments. The JAMZCorp clean-up crew has donated their time and energy to neighborhoods, parks, schools, churches and community centers. Promotional mentions are run for the two weeks leading up to each of the scheduled clean-up days to recruit and remind the community of WBHJs effort. "The program has meant a whole lot to the entire city of Birmingham," said Pastor Steve Green from the More Than Conquerors Faith Church, who has volunteered with members of his church in the JAMZCorp effort. "It is one of the best things Ive seen happen as a community project in the 25 years Ive been a pastor." To date, JAMZCorp has reached four neighborhoods and has no plans of slowing down.

KWMT-FMs "Green Tuesdays"

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KWMT-FM in Tucson, Ariz., created "Green Tuesdays" to empower listeners to make small changes in their every day lives that could positively impact their community and help protect the planet. Now in its fourth year, the segment continues to feature local leaders and educators in all areas of sustainability. Alternative fuels, eating locally, green building, endangered wildlife and global warming have been explored on the program, which has provided inspiration for a wide variety of green events, including the stations annual "Green October and the Green Tour." Every Friday during the tour, the stations morning show broadcasts on solar power from a local restaurant, where an area artist performs live. Listeners are invited to the restaurant for free breakfast and a small Green Expo featuring many of the organizations and guests from "Green Tuesdays." Adding to the effort, KWMT released two "Live in Studio C" compilation CDs from artists recorded in its studio and donated the proceeds to support Tucson Clean and Beautiful. On-air personality Jennie Grabel was named "Extraordinary Citizen" by the mayor and council of Tucson for her role in "Green Tuesdays."

KGO-AM Airs "Tune In To Your Planet"

To give in-depth coverage to green issues in the bay area, KGO-AM in San Francisco, Calif., launched "Tune In To Your Planet." The ongoing reports have covered the California water crisis, "environmental cops" tasked with enforcing pollution laws in the area, local firms offering bonuses to employees who purchase hybrid cars, a new ocean research center in Monterey and San Franciscos plan to put more green taxis on the streets. As part of the initiative, the station also brought the color of the holiday season in focus with its second "Green Christmas" series, which explored earth-friendly ways to celebrate. Energy efficient lighting, green gifts and tree recycling were among the highlights of the series. Taking its efforts beyond reporting, KGO plans to become the first major broadcast media outlet in the state to harness the power of the sun. Solar panels are being installed by its broadcast tower. Listeners have been invited to celebrate the progress through a "solar blog" on the stations Web site, where podcasts of "Tune In To Your Planet" are also available. KGO was a National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award Finalist in 2008.

KKPL-FM Supports Hiking Trail

A popular mountain trail got a good grooming from KKPL-FM in Fort Collins, Colo. The day before Earth Day, the station held a "Trail Day" to help maintain its adopted hiking path at Horsetooth Mountain Falls. To ensure a strong turnout, the station invited the public to join with recorded promotional announcements and live mentions. In addition to encouraging listeners to volunteer time to help keep Colorados hiking areas beautiful, the effort increased overall awareness of the public trail at Horsetooth. Details were highlighted on the stations homepage for a month leading up to the event, and staff contributed 30 hours of their time toward the effort. A strong supporter of the environment, KKPL also sponsored "Riverboat at the Rockies," a fundraiser for Trees, Water & People, a nonprofit organization that supports environmental education and conservation. KKPLs on-air support helped bring 300 people to the event, which raised more than 25,000 to protect the earth.

KBCI-TV Boise Creates "Project Green"

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Experts say everyone can make a difference in helping to stop global warming, which is why KBCI-TV in Boise, Idaho, created "Project Green." The cornerstone of the station-wide initiative is a quarterly half-hour prime time special devoted to local efforts in the green movement. The first program aired in July of 2007 and focused on recycling, carpooling and purchasing foods grown locally. Subsequent shows have covered everything from ride sharing to green home remodeling. To kick off the campaign, the station co-sponsored "Step It Up 2007," a free community gathering, including music and informational booths about conservation. The event attracted more than 300 people eager to learn about protecting the planet. At the same time, the station stepped up its own efforts to be earth-friendly, recycling all paper, cardboard and plastic products and reducing electrical use. To further the reach of the campaign, the station has devoted a section of its Web site to "Project Green," posting national and local green stories, easy green tips, an archive of previously aired specials and resources for viewers to calculate their personal carbon footprint.

WDRV-FM Launches "Get Green" campaign

In partnership with the Shedd Aquarium and the Alliance to Save Energy, WDRV-FM in Chicago, Ill., launched a "Get Green" campaign to encourage Chicagoans to take an earth-friendly approach to their everyday life. The effort focused on one simple idea: "Imagine the positive impact if we all pitched in!" The station ran nearly 1,000 30-second announcements about how small changes can collectively have a big impact on the earth. The practical tips ranged from turning town the temperature on water heaters to installing low-flow showers and faucets. In addition, the station created a companion "Green Thoughts" Web site, which featured a listing of e-recycling events, tips on being green at work and at home, and a community board for listeners to share their "green habits." WDRV was awarded the National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Radio Award in 2008.

WBOS-FM Sponsors Environmental Festival

Every year, Earthfest, a community event organized by WBOS-FM in Boston, Mass., and the Department of Conservation, promises an environmentally friendly and entertaining day for tens of thousands of people. Influential bands CAKE, the BoDeans and the English Beat took the stage at the most recent festival, helping spread the word about protecting the environment to a crowd of more than 100,000. "We were thrilled with the depth of the lineup and the commitment of the bands to help us in celebrating Mother Earth," said Dana Marshall, WBOS program director, who believes the event was one of the best in the 15-year legacy of the festival. In addition to great music, the event included family-friendly activities and showcased environmentally friendly nonprofit organizations. WBOS took extra measures to ensure the event was carbon-neutral. Recycling initiatives occurred on site, and the station encouraged its listeners to take mass transportation to the event.

KMOV-TV Helps Restore Urban Park

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For the last decade, KMOV-TV in St. Louis, Mo., has worked in partnership with Forest Park Forever to restore one of the countrys oldest and largest urban parks. The station first educated its viewers about the issues facing Forest Park in 1998, with the first of three prime-time specials in support of the Forest Park Forever capital campaign. Since then, with KMOVs continued media sponsorship, thousands of new members have joined Forest Park Forever and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised to maintain this outdoor treasure for the 12 million people who visit it each year. The most recent special, "The Hidden Treasures of Forest Park," aired in 2007 and broke all records for dollars raised and new members secured. In addition to these specials, the station has broadcast hundreds of public service announcements, including spots featuring news anchors recounting their favorite Forest Park memories; implemented an online donation feature; and lent its production staff for the creation of a video presentation for Forest Park Forever. Airtime has been given to additional park campaigns, such as the "Pennies in the Park" effort which encourages children to give. "We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone at KMOV," said Interim Executive Director of Forest Park Forever Lucie Springmeyer. "It is critical that the people of our region understand the value of Forest Park and its ongoing need for support. Television is a powerful means of spreading our message." In all, KMOV has donated $900,000 worth of airtime.

KENS-TV Honors Businesses Conserving Water

Together with the San Antonio Water Systems, KENS-TV in San Antonio, Texas, honors local businesses and community organizations that are taking action to conserve water. Each year, the Water Saver Awards go to organizations and businesses that have used innovative technology, education and new practices to make a difference. For a two-week period, Chief Meteorologist Bill Taylor pays tribute to the "Water Saver" winners during newscasts, talking about how the honoree has made a difference. Taylor also hosts the awards banquet, which the station covers in a news package. Since the programs inception, 1.5 billion gallons of water have been saved. KENS has been a sponsor of the awards since 2001. Throughout the year, the station also airs water conservation stories with tips and information to help viewers do their part to save water.

KLOL-FM Helps Clean Up Texas Coastline

Even the beaches are bigger in the Lone Star State, which is why Spanish station KLOL-FM in Houston, Texas, along with 37 other television and radio stations from across the state solicited the help of thousands of volunteers to help clean up the Texas coastline. The "21st Annual Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup" brought out 6,782 volunteers to rake, gather, pick up and bag more than 140 tons of trash from more than 160 miles of Texas beaches. Each year, volunteers are given data cards to record information about the marine debris, which is then used to further research on how to mitigate pollution along the coast. KLOL focused its efforts on nine different beach locations, airing public service announcements and placing the event on the station Web site homepage to inspire listeners to join in. Adopt-A-Beach cleanups are held twice each year, and with the statewide commitment of radio and television stations, more than 365,000 volunteers have participated since its inception. "Adopt-A-Beach volunteers are remarkable," said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. "Their dedication to Texas beaches is an inspiration."

WTOV-TV Goes Green

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Kermit the Frog may have sung the lyrics "Its not easy being green," but WTOV-TV in Steubenville, Ohio, is helping its viewers prove just the opposite. Each month, two new station-produced public service announcements air, sharing tips on how to go green. The station honors a "Green School of the Month" and a "Green Business of the Month" with news coverage and a presence on the station Web site. The extensive "Going Green" section of the site lists community resources, a Living Green Lecture Series, green news and interactive tools, including a water consumption calculator. The station also organizes planet-friendly community events. Currently, a tire recycling day and responsible disposal of electronics event are on the calendar. "We are trying to give people an easy way to do the right thing," said General Manager Tim McCoy. He added, "Before we could tell our community to go green, we had to go green ourselves." And green the station went. All new station vehicles are hybrids. All scripts, cans and plastic bottles are recycled. All paper products are sold to a recycling company and proceeds are donated to school systems in the area. All studio lighting uses low energy light bulbs, and the station has gone tapeless, since videotapes are a cause of plastic waste in landfills. WTOV is part of Cox Broadcasting, whose entire enterprise has gone green.

WSUN-FM Releases "Green Room CD Project" to Support Environment -

WSUN-FM in St. Petersburg, Fla., uses its "Green Room" to record live performances of major and local artists. These in-studio performances are released in an annual 97X Green Room CD, with all net proceeds going to an environmentally minded charity, most recently the Nature Conservancy, which has protected 1.2 million acres of natural lands in Florida and heads up the Florida Reef Resilience Program. The "Green Room CD Project" raises critical awareness of the benefiting organizations. Promotions for the most recently released volume as well as CD inserts include information on the Nature Conservancy and steer listeners on how to get involved. More than 15,000 copies have been sold to date, and 97X Green Room volumes have consistently been the number one selling rock disc in Tampa during the first week of sales. In a related effort, WSUN is working with the Ocean Conservancy to recruit volunteers for the organizations annual coastal clean up. A Memorial Day benefit concert organized by WSUN raised $6,000 for the Ocean Conservancy, doubling its budget for this years clean up; recyclables that were placed in bins set up at the concert are being converted into material that will be used to make sweaters for children. "Im a native Floridian. The environment is what we live for," said WSUN on-air personality Shark. "As a radio station, we can get people involved with conservancy and raise awareness about organizations doing good in the area."

KBIG-FM Cleans up Southern California Beaches

Southern California beaches received a pre-summertime "Big Beach Clean-up" thanks to KBIG-FM in Burbank, Calif. The station organized a three-beach cleaning effort to pick up trash littering the coastline. Inspired by a desire to take responsibility for the environment and make local beaches a safe place for children to play, the station ran 15-second announcements starting two weeks prior to the event and gave live mentions during its morning show. KBIG committed more than 30 hours to the project, highlighted it on the stations Web site, dedicated a Web page for volunteers to sign up, and sent information about the clean-up in the stations weekly newsletter, which reaches more than 33,000 listeners. The station focused efforts on the well-known Huntington State Beach, Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve and Alamitos Beach, where in addition to picking up garbage, volunteers collected bottles and cans for recycling. KBIG was a National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award Finalist in 2008.

WGY-AM Helps the Environment

For two hours each week, the "Eco Radio Show," produced by WGY-AM in Latham, N.Y., covers broad topics concerning recycling, sustainability, conservation and alternative energy. The show also keeps listeners up-to-date about upcoming recycling events in the area. Taking it beyond talk, show host Pete Muscanelli created a two-day "Eco Recycling Show" at Empire State Plaza in Albany last year. The event attracted more than 2,000 people, including students from a dozen school districts, who learned about everything from recycling to new "green" technologies. The station also dedicated 160 live interviews on its morning news show during the year to address environmental topics with local experts. Discussions covered how to save the dwindling fish populations, cleaning the areas rivers and the effects of oil production. WGY was a National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award Finalist in 2008.

Nevada Station Develops Community Garden for Local Pahrump Valley Residents

KNYE-FM Pahrump Valley, Nev., announced the station has developed 80 acres of land to create a community garden. Local residents and green thumbs are invited to secure a plot of land on the grounds to grow flowers, vegetables and other foliage. KNYE-FM General Manager Karen Jackson says she was inspired to launch the community garden to help local residents learn to grow produce and ensure they will always have food to eat. Click here to watch Karens interview about the gardening initiative.

KIRO-TV Honors Eco-Friendly Scuba Diver

Cox Medias KIRO-TV Seattle announced the winner of the stations 2012 Cox Conserves Hero on July 26. Since its inception in 2007, The Cox Conserves Heroes program, through a partnership between The Trust for Public Land and Cox Enterprises, the parent company of KIRO-TV, has honored everyday conservationists. This year, Laura James, an eco-friendly scuba diver who volunteers her time to removing batteries and other pollutants from the Puget Sound, received Western Washingtons 2012 award. The program also runs in Arizona, Atlanta, Orange County (Calif.), San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Virginia. More than $200,000 has been donated to local nonprofits through the Cox Conserves Heroes program.

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