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Radio and television broadcasters are innovating to provide content on every screen in your life.


Through digital apps, social media and new technologies, radio and television broadcasters are enhancing the delivery of the content and services communities value on every screen in your life.


Each week, more than 272 million Americans tune into local radio. Why? Because as the ultimate portable entertainment platform, radio offers the best music, talk and local news anywhere you are, and it’s all for free.

Many radio stations are available online or through apps, allowing you to access your favorite hometown station anywhere you go, and numerous broadcasters offer podcasts to keep you entertained and informed.

Broadcasters are also actively working with automakers around the globe to develop the next generation of radio that combines broadcasting with internet connectivity to create new and engaging user experiences.

Radio stations also continue to offer more free choice for listeners with HD Radio. More than 2,300 stations are broadcasting in HD, offering crystal clear sound and additional channels of music, talk and foreign-language programming. There are no subscription costs for those additional channels; you just need an HD Radio to access them, which is available in 35 automotive brands.

From traditional radio to streaming and podcasting, local stations are ensuring that no matter where you are, you’re connected with your favorite hometown station.


From local weather reports to the highest-rated network shows, your local TV stations bring the news and entertainment you value most on every screen in your life, and all for free. All you need is an antenna to get dozens of channels with no monthly subscription fee.

Broadcasters are also delivering their valuable content on their websites and through apps and social media, ensuring their viewers are always connected and informed.

Broadcasters are excited about the deployment of Next Generation TV, which will revolutionize the viewing experience. Next Gen TV allows broadcasters to offer better pictures and sound, better reception and interactive features and services. It also offers the potential to significantly enhance public safety, with devices that can "wake up" to warn viewers, and public warnings that are geo-targeted with rich media, interactivity and mobility. Find out if Next Gen TV is available in your town.

The overwhelming power of the big tech companies is a threat to the local broadcast journalism you know and trust.

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Broadcasters are investing in technology to keep communities safe, informed and entertained.

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