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WTOV-TV Goes Green

Topic: Environment | VIDEO

Kermit the Frog may have sung the lyrics "Itís not easy being green," but WTOV-TV in Steubenville, Ohio, is helping its viewers prove just the opposite. Each month, two new station-produced public service announcements air, sharing tips on how to go green. The station honors a "Green School of the Month" and a "Green Business of the Month" with news coverage and a presence on the station Web site. The extensive "Going Green" section of the site lists community resources, a Living Green Lecture Series, green news and interactive tools, including a water consumption calculator. The station also organizes planet-friendly community events. Currently, a tire recycling day and responsible disposal of electronics event are on the calendar. "We are trying to give people an easy way to do the right thing," said General Manager Tim McCoy. He added, "Before we could tell our community to go green, we had to go green ourselves." And green the station went. All new station vehicles are hybrids. All scripts, cans and plastic bottles are recycled. All paper products are sold to a recycling company and proceeds are donated to school systems in the area. All studio lighting uses low energy light bulbs, and the station has gone tapeless, since videotapes are a cause of plastic waste in landfills. WTOV is part of Cox Broadcasting, whose entire enterprise has gone green.

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