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Last Week in America: Hurricane Michael Special Edition

Last week, throughout Florida and the nation, broadcasters provided crucial coverage of Hurricane Michael. Stations in the storm’s path provided 24/7 coverage on radio, TV and social media to give residents constant updates.

70,000+ Airings on Hurricane Michael Coverage Nationwide

Broadcasters across the country aired hurricane coverage and provided support to stations in the storm’s path with more than 70,000 reports on Hurricane Michael.

700+ Hours of Radio Coverage

Stations bearing the brunt of the storm broke in to their scheduled programming as many as four times per hour to provide constant updates, while stations across the country detailed the devastation.

400+ Hours of Coverage in Florida Alone

WMBB’s station in Pensacola was destroyed, but continued to report from the parking lot, guaranteeing that local citizens had the information they needed to stay safe. Florida broadcasters took to the air with more than 400 hours of hurricane coverage.

250+ Live Streamed On-the-Ground Reports

Six stations across Alabama, Florida and Georgia streamed live coverage online, airing more than 253 reports on the storm from its potential path through the aftermath.