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Last Week in America: Jan. 14-18

Last week, broadcasters offered tips for staying healthy at the height of flu season, kept up-to-the-minute lists of school closures amidst wintry weather, informed viewers about Congressional committee assignments and continued to document the rebuilding process following last year’s wildfires and hurricanes.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

23,774 Airings

23,774 updates, tips and warnings for staying healthy this flu season.

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8,539 Airings

8,539 reports on school closings and delays due to snowy conditions.

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4,112 Airings

4,112 stories detailing committee assignments for newly elected officials of the 116th Congress.

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1,845 Airings

1,845 reports on communities still grappling with the devastating effects of last year’s wildfires and hurricanes.

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