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Last Week in America: July 9-13

Last week, broadcasters reported on courts from local to Supreme, announced jackpot winners, gave tips on where to get the best fresh food and kept viewers up to date with info on new identification laws.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

68,121 Airings

68,121 reports on county, state, federal courts, in addition to reports on the newest nomination for the Supreme Court.

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9,725 Airings

9,725 reports on winning numbers and record jackpots.

Story from WTOP »   Story from WANE »   Story from WHAM »

3,800 Airings

3,800 features on how to properly prepare, store and transport food during that next hot, summer adventure.

Story from WCCO »   Story from WTVD »   Story from WGET »

3,093 Airings

3,093 stories on what viewers can find at their local farmers markets.

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1,977 Airings

1,977 reports giving viewers all the info they need about what changing ID laws mean for them.

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