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Last Week in America: June 11-15

Last Week broadcasters provided viewers with valuable information on hurricane preparation, fire safety and the future of the internet. They also covered festivities from World Cup watch parties to Flag Day ceremonies.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

49,528 Airings

49,528 stories covering the best watch parties, the local impact of this year’s World Cup and speculation on hosts for the next cup.

Story from WRC »   Story from Spectrum Charlotte »   Story from WDJT »

9,271 Airings

9,271 reports and interviews helping viewers understand what net neutrality changes mean for them.

Story from WUSA »   Story from WCAU »   Story from WGRZ »

5,859 Airings

5,859 reports on how to prevent fires, what happens when fire safety is ignored and new initiatives to make communities safer.

Story from KGO »   Story from WALA »   Story from WABC »

4,511 Airings

4,511 stories on how communities are celebrating the stars and stripes.

Story from WDAF »   Story from WKTV »   Story from KNSD »

3,359 Airings

3,359 stories featuring all aspects of hurricane season preparation from the wetlands to the heart of downtown.

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