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Last Week in America: April 30 - May 4

Last week, broadcasters warned viewers about how first responders and community members work together, Cinco De Mayo, Small Business Week, Fraud and Consumer Alerts and how to choose the best summer camp for a child.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

7,577 Airings

7,577 stories on ways first responders and community members work together to keep people safe.

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3,400 Airings

3,400 broadcasts highlighting the contributions of Mexican-American culture in communities across the United States, in advance of the May 5 holiday.

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2,880 Airings

2,880 reports on inspiring entrepreneurs, ingenious innovators and where to find the best deals during Small Business Week.

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2,440 Airings

2,440 segments on the latest scams, how Americans can protect themselves and what people should do if they’ve been a victim of a con.

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2,390 Airings

2,390 stories with tips on choosing the best summer camp for your child.

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