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Last Week in America: March 11 - 15

Last week, broadcasters reported on dangerous winter weather, updates on rules about flavored
e-cigarettes, the best math and munchies on Pi(e) Day and how to make spring cleaning extend beyond the house.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

23,954 Airings

23,954 vital updates on the rare weather event that brings high winds and blizzard conditions, requiring serious cleanup efforts.

Story from KCNC Denver »   Story from KTVT Dallas »  

5,677 Airings

5,677 updates on the Food and Drug Administration’s new rules and recommendations for flavored e-cigarettes.

Story from WCSH Portland »   Story from WJET Erie »  

4,777 Airings

4,777 reports on how communities are combining math and dessert on this year’s Pi Day.

Story from KYMK FM »   Story from KFMB AM San Diego »

2,877 Airings

2,877 stories about spring cleaning, including everything from decluttering to getting your health and online safety in order.

Story from KREY Grand Junction »   Story from WJCL Savannah »