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Last Week in America: April 16-20

Last week, broadcasters provided viewers Tax Day tips, reported news on air pollution in the run up to Earth Day and covered devastating tornados rolling through North Carolina.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

11,385 Airings

11,385 reports on the annoying details of filing your tax reports and the surprisingly fun perks of Tax Day, such as free food giveaways.

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9,342 Airings

9,342 stories on how their communities are getting out and giving back to the environment by cleaning up shorelines and parks.

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5,924 Airings

5,924 segments on the American Lung Association’s annual State of the Air Report. The study concluded that eight of the ten worst American cities for ozone pollution are in California.

5,727 Airings

5,727 stories on about the winners of the prestigious journalism awards, as broadcasters celebrated the winners in their communities and nationwide.

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4,998 Airings

4,998 segments on a devastating tornado that struck Greensboro, NC, and the communities rallying for recovery.

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4,023 Airings

4,023 stories covering power outages in Puerto Rico, Detroit and Boston.

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4,086 Airings

4,086 reports on how local businesses are faring in the age of Amazon and e-commerce.

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