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Last Week in America: April 9-13

Last week, broadcasters reported news on worrisome public health trends and the destructive wildfires ravaging Oklahoma. Community reporters also spotlighted the start of the Little League season and Grilled Cheese Day.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

6,943 Airings

6,493 stories reporting on all aspects of the crisis, from deadly fentanyl to addiction treatment. Broadcasters also offered condolences and messages of hope to communities suffering from the epidemic.

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3,652 Airings

3,652 reports on the damage caused by wildfires in Oklahoma, regional air quality alerts and information on how viewers can help their communities and neighbors.

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1,800 Airings

1,800 reports on contaminated drinking water.

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1,800 Airings

1,800 stories celebrating the ooey gooey sandwich, its history and the best places to eat one.

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1,508 Airings

1,508 features warning parents about the rising use of e-cigarettes in schools and the harm they can cause children.

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1,276 Airings

1,276 inspiring stories about players and volunteer coaches kicking off the youth baseball season across the country.

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