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Last Week in America: Feb. 11-15

Last week, broadcasters spread love on Valentine’s Day, aired and highlighted the best moments from the Grammy Awards, prepared audiences for tax season and showcased local forum discussions on issues that hit close to home.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

21,771 Airings

21,771 stories on how, where and what folks are doing to celebrate Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day.

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21,861 Airings

21,861 airings including highlights, recaps and commentary on the music industry’s biggest award’s show.

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11,229 Airings

11,229 reports on the upcoming tax season, with helpful info on how a new tax law, the government shutdown and other unique factors will impact audiences.

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4,856 Airings

4,856 reports on communities coming together to discuss topics ranging from education to real estate and beyond.

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