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Last Week in America: March 4 - 8

Last week, broadcasters rallied around communities impacted by tornadoes in the South, drew attention to International Women’s Day, took to the parade routes for Mardi Gras celebrations, and shared podcasts on topics ranging from the best fishing spots to local government budgets.

Here are some of the top trends last week:

57,331 Airings

57,331 reports on communities coming together after deadly tornadoes swept through Alabama.

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27,322 Airings

27,322 features highlighting women's triumphs and the inequalities they continue to face on this worldwide day of recognition.

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22,274 Airings

22,274 reports on Fat Tuesday celebrations from the best parades to unlawful attendees.

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5,901 Airings

5,901 featured podcasts bringing listeners the latest on hometown sports teams, city budgets and more.

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