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Special Feature: Local Broadcasters Serve as a Trusted Source of Vaccine Information

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, local television and radio broadcasters have played a critical role in keeping their communities informed about the virus, hospitalization and infection rates and best practices, such as social distancing. With the vaccine rollout across the nation, this role is more important than ever as broadcasters work to educate viewers, answer their questions and target misinformation.

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Vaccine Feature

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Local Radio and Television Stations Provided Critical Information to Communities in Hurricane Ida's Path

Local Radio and Television Stations Provided Critical Information to Communities in Hurricane Ida's Path

On August 29, the 16th anniversary of the deadly Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 4 storm. Ida’s path of destruction continued in the Northeast, causing fatal flooding. Local radio and television broadcasters jumped to action to inform their viewers, help those in need and detail the aftermath.

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Voices from the Field

America's local radio and television stations and broadcast networks are on the front lines covering monumental stories that impact our local communities and nation. Broadcasters are a pillar of American democracy, a free and open press whose resolve to bring truth to light cannot be broken. Hear from these voices from the field on why they are passionate about being broadcasters and what drives them to always be there for their communities.

Matt Mrozinski

Matt Mrozinski

Matt Mrozinski, director of photojournalism and KING 5 in Seattle, joins Voices from the Field to discuss his career, his current role at KING 5 and offers thoughts on where he sees local broadcasting and storytelling in the next decade and the challenges facing local news.

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