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Now, more than ever, America’s broadcasters are providing critical information to our communities – delivering trusted news, weather and emergency updates and entertainment that connect and inspire us.

Yet, policymakers who have the ability to shape broadcasting’s future do not always fully understand local stations' unique role in our communities.

In the fall of 2021, NAB launched new We Are Broadcasters spots to educate legislators about the many ways their constituents rely on local broadcasters, particularly focusing on trusted local journalism.

We urge you to send a powerful message by airing these spots as often as possible, and particularly during congressional recess periods, which can be found here.

Over the past year, local broadcast journalists have risked their lives to bring the information Americans need into their homes, cars and personal devices.

Let’s remind our country’s leaders of the essential role that broadcasters serve in our democracy – bastions of freedom of the press. This is not a role that can be filled by big tech, and yet their overwhelming market power is a threat to local journalism.

Thank you for your engagement in this successful campaign that strengthens broadcasters' voice in Washington, D.C.

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