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National Association of Broadcasters

More than 72 million Americans rely on broadcast television through an antenna.

Local Television

From local weather reports to the highest rated network shows, your local TV stations are bringing you the news and entertainment you value most, and all for free. While some choose to subscribe to cable or satellite services, all you need is an antenna to get dozens of crystal clear channels with no monthly subscription fee.

Many local TV stations partner with a broadcast network (such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or Univision, among others), to provide you with top-rated primetime shows and national news in addition to local content. Each week, more than 95 percent of the most-watched shows are on local broadcast channels – the channels you can get for free with an antenna.

When TV stations transitioned from analog to digital in 2009, it revolutionized free, local TV viewing, providing viewers more choices than ever before. Digital TV allows stations to transmit more additional free channels, such as foreign language programming, all-weather, all-sports, favorite classic shows and more.

Americans rely on their favorite local stations for the news they can trust, and broadcasters are delivering their valuable content online and through social media, ensuring their viewers are always connected and informed.

Broadcasters are excited about the development of new technology platforms, such as Next Generation Television broadcasting, which provides ultra high-definition TV, along with interactivity, personalized services and mobility, as well as spectacular images and immersive sound.

New technologies are opening doors for broadcasters, enabling them to deliver their content across emerging platforms and enhance the TV viewer experience.

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