We Are Broadcasters
National Association of Broadcasters

91% of Americans listen to radio each week.

Local Radio

Local radio stations broadcast in AM, FM and HD, offering a wide variety of content to listeners. Whether you prefer talk or hip hop on your morning drive, local radio has something for every taste and it's free – no monthly subscription necessary.

Radio stations use a transmitter to send signals that are received by the antenna in your home or car radio or even smartphone headset.

Many radio stations are also available online or through apps, allowing you to access your favorite hometown station anywhere you go. Their active presence on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram keep communities connected to breaking news, traffic and weather.

In addition to streaming, radio broadcasters have encouraged smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers to activate built-in FM radio chips in smartphones. Many of today’s smartphones thereby allow listeners to listen to local stations without experiencing buffering or impacting their data plans. Listening to FM radio over the air also consumes far less smartphone battery life than streaming.

Broadcasters are also working on various software development projects for radio in the connected car. They are collaborating with automakers and internet service providers from around the globe to develop the next generation of radio that combines broadcasting with internet connectivity to create new and engaging user experiences.

Whether you listen in your car, at work or at the gym, 91% of Americans turn to local radio each week to get the news, information and music they want – all for free.

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