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NAB is providing banner ads for stations to use on their websites. To use the banner ads provided below, right click on the ad and save it to your computer. For each ad, the click-through should be http://www.wearebroadcasters.com.

Please email us at wearebroadcasters@nab.org with questions or feedback.

hybrid fm in smartphones provides a lifeline and interactivity listeners seek

Broadcasters bring the content you seek to every device in your life

More than 272 million listeners turn to local radio each week to get the music they want

40.6% of homes who rely on free TV using an antenna are minority households

$1.18 trillion economic activity generated annually by local radio and tv

More than 72 million Americans rely exclusively on free broadcast television

Local radio and TV stations are often the only available communications medium during disasters

17,254 total broadcast stations in the US

Broadcasters are reporting the facts and uncovering the truth

Broadcasters are at your fingertips anytime of the day, delivering the content you love most

2.42 million jobs created by the broadcast industry

More than $10 billion is generated by local broadcasters in community service each year

Who Are Broadcasters Infographic