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#Radio100 Moment 92:

"Clara, Lu and Em" Becomes Radio's First Daytime Soap Opera

Radio’s first soap opera aired over WGN-AM Chicago, Ill., on June 16, 1930. Clara, Lu, and Em was a series that began as a sorority sketch by three friends: Louise Starkey (Clara), Isobel Carothers (Lu) and Helen King (Em). Stories centered around three Midwestern housewives who shared a duplex. Starkey, Carothers and King did the first shows for no pay. As the show became popular, it was sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive. Clara, Lu and Em helped coin the name “soap operas” as daytime shows were often sponsored by “soap makers." The show was very successful and continued on NBC and the Blue Network until 1937 when Carothers suddenly died.

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