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#Radio100 Moment 16: Premiere of CBS World News Roundup(March 13, 1938)
March 13, 1938

Moment 16: Premiere of CBS World News Roundup

The CBS World News Roundup began on March 13, 1938, as a response to growing tensions in Europe. The initial broadcast was hosted by veteran newscaster Robert Trout, with short-wave reports from Paris, Berlin, Rome, London and Vienna.

Two of the newer, more memorable voices heard on that first broadcast were Edward R. Murrow and William L. Shirer. During the years of war that followed, Murrow’s reports from London and Shirer’s reports from Berlin became essential listening for Americans concerned about events taking place overseas.

The show earned CBS a reputation for outstanding, in-depth reporting and made foreign news coverage a regular part of the network’s programming. CBS World News Roundup remains on the CBS Radio Network today, making it America's longest-running radio news program.

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