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WFMZ Photographer Helps Ukraine Journalists Stay Safe on Front Lines

Topic: Ukraine
Posted on 3/8/2022

Chris Post, a freelance photojournalist for WFMZ, an independent station in Allentown, Pa., owned by Maranatha Broadcasting, specializes in journalist safety. A former firefighter/EMT, Post teaches courses in emergency medical care for several state and federal government agencies.

So when Russia invaded Ukraine, local journalists working in Ukraine began reaching out to him with safety related questions. Post volunteered to conduct a Zoom call and found someone local to Allentown who could translate the real-time live session on Zoom in the Ukraine language.

Post says he covered a variety of safety issues that comes with being in a hostile environment, from how to use a tourniquet to how to maintain situational awareness, and putting on body armor and wearing it correctly. Post says the gravity of the situation there kicked in when he was told that “there were journalists who were hunkered down in air raid shelters watching my Zoom while they were getting bombed.”

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