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KNTV Streaming Series Seeks Solutions To San Francisco’s Problems

Topic: Investigative Reporting
Posted on 3/4/2022

NBC owned-and-operated KNTV San Francisco kicked off a six-part streaming investigative series, “Saving San Francisco,” exploring solutions to deep-rooted issues plaguing the city. The series delves into poverty, crime, homelessness and mental health, problems that can be found in nearly every community across the country.

“’Saving San Francisco’ is the latest in our series of investigations that explore systemic problems in the Bay Area and that offer possible solutions,” says Stephanie Adrouny, KNTV’s VP of news. “The beautiful city of San Francisco has changed drastically over the last few years and we want to contribute to a discussion that will spark change that leads to improving the quality of life for people in San Francisco and the Bay Area.”

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