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WLX, WDXE and WKSR Radio Raise Funds for New Doppler Radar Site in Tennessee

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 11/1/2021

When Lawrence County, Tenn., was struck by three unwarned tornadoes in February 2020, WLX, WDXE and WKSR Radio quickly began raising funds to build a new doppler radar site in Lawrenceburg. The National Weather Service radar over the area at the time did not detect the tornadoes because the twisters were below the radar beam. The stations quickly raised the more than $500,000 needed to build the site, and within months a new radar was in operation. Raising funds to build a new doppler radar site more capable of detecting dangerous tornados, WLX, WDXE and WKSR helped provide a crucial lifesaving service to the Lawrenceburg community. Read more.

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