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Good Karma to Launch Station for Milwaukee’s Black Community

Topic: Racial Issues and Equality
Posted on 10/5/2020

Good Karma Brands is launching 101.7 The Truth, a local radio home for Milwaukee’s Black community. The station will launch this year and feature local shows with authentic conversations about news and current events, a celebration of Black culture, information created by and for the Black community with an emphasis on empowerment, family, faith and, community.

“At Good Karma Brands, we believe every voice matters – but as the events of this past year unfolded, we realized there were underrepresented voices that had so much to say and needed to be heard,” Craig Karmazin, Good Karma Brands founder and CEO said. “We believe there is a unique opportunity for us in Milwaukee to launch a station that can make a real impact across the city, and within our company. I’m excited to see how the station grows and evolves and look forward to meeting the strong demand for compelling and targeted content for Milwaukee’s Black community.”

“As a locally owned media company, we are proud to serve our local communities – to inform and entertain our listeners, support our advertising partners, and employ teammates,” said Steve Wexler, vice president and market manager, Good Karma Brands Milwaukee. “With the launch of 101.7 The Truth, we are making good on our promise to serve our community in a deeper and more meaningful way, and to specifically serve our Black neighbors and friends who make up nearly 40 percent of Milwaukee’s population. I’m thrilled to launch this station with our talented hometown team.”

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