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WDKN-FM Focuses on Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

Topic: Vaccine Education
Posted on 4/20/2020

R & F Communications’ WDKN-AM/FM Dickson, Tenn., produced a five-part series of radio programs focused on coronavirus-related mental health issues. Mental health issues, often related to social isolation, loneliness and joblessness stress are occurring during stay at home orders. Spousal and child abuse are on the rise. Joblessness is causing stress and fracturing families. The hour-long programs ran over a three-week period during mid-day and are also available online. The programs feature experts and professionals in a variety of mental health fields, including student health, substance abuse and suicide prevention.

"The community is hurting and it’s our mission to give residents information and encouragement,” said Co-owner and General Manager Kenneth Forte.

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