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Entercom Stations Address COVID-19

Topic: Vaccine Education
Posted on 3/1/2020

Entercom stations across the country are dedicating significant over-the-air and digital inventory to covering the COVID-19 global pandemic. On March 16, Entercom launched a podcast called “Coronavirus Daily.” Radio Ink spoke with Entercom’s Senior Vice President of Programming and personnel from WINS-AM New York City, WCBS-AM New York City, KNX-AM Los Angeles, WBBM-AM and WCFS-FM Chicago, and KHTP-FM Seattle about their coverage. KNX-AM is providing around-the-clock coverage on-air. Read more here.

“It comes down to trust and credibility,” said WINS-AM Brand Manager Ben Mevorach. “As millions of people in our area seek to find news that informs and doesn’t hype, they come to 1010 WINS. The same place they have come to during major crises for decades. Our entire staff is focused on bringing information, providing answers, and connecting the community.”

“This is our story. We live and work here,” said WCBS-AM Brand Manager Tim Scheld. “As members of the community ourselves, we at WCBS 880 are committed to covering this story for our neighbors, friend and family.”

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