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Cumulus in Charleston Prepares for Hurricane Florence

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 10/1/2018

Cumulus Charleston, S.C. Market Manager Sherry Dollar spoke to All Access about their preparation, which began the week before and included strategies discussed at their annual “Crisis Team” meeting in June. This includes generators, extra fuel and redundant fiber and coaxial Internet backed up by LTE. The five-station cluster partnered with Sinclair’s ABC affiliate in Charleston to provide more coverage.

“Our responsibility as broadcasters is to keep the community informed,” Dollar said. “Being the lifeline for the community, the partnership extends community resources and ensures the necessary communication to get through the Hurricane and, just as important, post-event, to help get everyone back to where they need to be and community put back together.

Radio is personal. Radio is a friend. Radio has a way of prompting a feeling of being in a ’safe’ place. Radio reminds the community they are not alone – we are in the trenches with them. During a crisis that will almost ensure power outages Radio becomes even more important. Everyone needs information. No one wants to feel alone -- hearing that voice that you know so well and that you listen to daily has a calming effect. It’s like listening to a long-time friend that you trust.”

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