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WNBC’s Lynda Baquero Recovers More Than $1 Million for Viewers

Topic: Investigative Reporting
Posted on 7/7/2016

NBC owned-and-operated WNBC New York City reporter Lynda Baquero host the “Better Get Baquero” investigative series, which has helped recover more than $1 million from scammers. “With something like this our audience can reach out to us with a specific problem and we can help them individually — at the same time we’re also passing along consumer information that can impact a larger audience,” Baquero said. The people helped include a man who had been over charged $2,400 by a student loan company, a woman was denied cancer treatment by her insurance company and a man who lost $4,000 to E-Z Pass because he did now know about a residential discount. The show also helped woman who received a $67,000 bill by her insurance company for an emergency medical helicopter transport because it had not been pre-approved in the moments before she collapsed and nearly died. A similar segment at Telemundo’s WNJU has recovered almost $1.5 million for consumers.

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