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KWTV Crew Saves Man From Fire

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 5/18/2016

A news crew from Griffinís CBS affiliate KWTV Oklahoma City rescued a man stuck in a rapidly spreading Oklahoma wildfire on April 5. Val and Amy Castor were reporting on the fire when they saw county worker Jason Perks frantically attempting to remove his truck from a ditch. They continued filming as they urged him to hurry up and escape the fire. "Iíve seen a lot of fires. Iíve never seen a fire move as fast as this one did," Val Castor later said. "Iím thinking heís going to be in trouble in just a minute if he didnít get out of there ... my window of opportunity to go in there and get him was getting smaller and smaller." Perks freed himself and sprinted to the Castorís truck. All three survived. Watch video.

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