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Viewers Thank KOTV for Tornado Coverage

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 3/17/2016

Griffin’s CBS affiliate KOTV-TV Tulsa provided wall-to-wall coverage of tornadoes that hit the region on March 30. “Oklahomans unfortunately know severe weather all too well, but they again turned to local broadcasters to help protect their families,” said Marketing Manager Houston Hunt. “As part of our service to the community… Oklahoma’s Own News On 6/KOTV went into wall-to-wall coverage for four plus hours, while running no commercials, in order to keep our viewers safe, prepared and ahead of the storm... it is the right thing to do.”

The station received the following calls from viewers:

“Kellie Escue from Tilman WANTS TO THANK ALL NEWSON6 EMPLOYEES FOR THEIR EXCELLENT SERVICE LAST NIGHT DURING THE STORM!!! …She is very grateful for the continued excellent coverage of the storms last night."

"Viewer was very IMPRESSED with our storm coverage last night! She was terribly worried about [a loved one] and was afraid he was going to run out of gas. She loves our station and THANK YOU to everyone that worked so hard last night, it IS APPRECIATED!!!"

"Marilyn from Prairie Song said our station was the talk of her little town today. She said our helicopter pilots were MAGNIFICENT last night and should be awarded for their bravery and coverage. She also thanks the entire station for all of the hard work and dedication each individual gives here.”

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