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FOX NY Stations Use Satellite Trucks and a Chopper to Capture 100 Hours of Coverage

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery

FOX Televisionís WNYW-TV and WWOR-TV New York City partnered to produce 100 hours of coverage in four days, including video of an NYPD rooftop rescue. WNYW-TV Vice President and News Director Dianne Doctor told TVSpy that due to gas shortages and miles-long gas lines, WNYW-TV contracted out private suppliers of fuel to keep the stationís satellite trucks running. WNYW-TV shared helicopters with CBSís WCBS-TV to broadcast pictures of the devastation and to enter inaccessible areas. Doctor described reporter Dan Bowenís experience in Seaside. "He was heating up his soup on the engine of his truck, and he said it was the best food that he had had," Doctor said. "You just saw the resourcefulness and the capabilities of some of these people."

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