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WSTC-AM and WNLK-AM Air Crucial Storm Information

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery

When the first major snowstorm of winter 2007 hit, WSTC-AM and WNLK-AM in Norwalk, Conn., broadcast wall-to-wall coverage for seven hours. As soon as information about road, school and business closures came in, announcements were made on the air and posted on the station Web site. Live interviews were conducted with as many sources of information as possible, including local mayors, the governor and snow plow operators. Updates continued throughout the night, and the station broadcast information about clean-up progress and accident totals the next day during a three-hour live morning show. When a major spring storm brought heavy rains and flooding a few months later, the station responded with extensive coverage again. Situated in an area prone to flooding, listeners count on WSTC and WNLK when storms hit.

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