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Station Group Provides Support for Area Alcoholics Anonymous

Topic: Distracted and Drunk Driving Prevention

To make sure those struggling with alcohol addiction know where they can get help, KZTA-FM, KZML-FM, KMMG-FM, KZTB-FM and KDYM-AM in Yakima, Wash., made a group-wide commitment to support their local Alcoholics Anonymous group on the air. The stations produce a new public service announcement for the AA group on a monthly basis. Since the beginning of the on-air campaign in 2007, the group has grown from working out of the basement of a small house to a community center, where it holds sober events and other activities. "They’re so happy with the results they come by the station two or three times a month just say thanks and to let us know they got five new people the previous week because they heard about it on our stations," said General Manager Keith Teske.

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