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WTVY-TV Provide Crucial Information During Tornado

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery

When a deadly tornado hit a high school and elementary school in Enterprise in March 2007, WTVY-TV in Dothan, Ala. diverted its news crews and reached the scene within 10 minutes of the twister touchdown. As a first informer, their live coverage was critical in keeping the community informed. In addition to providing information to parents on where to pick up their children when schools began closing earlier in the day, WTVY provided wall-to-wall coverage throughout the afternoon as the severe weather grew. Key information broadcast to viewers throughout the affected area included power outage notification and instructions on where to get water, how to volunteer and where to give blood. In the days following, the station provided extended coverage, including live broadcasts of visits from Gov. Bob Riley and President George W. Bush to the damaged area. In the aftermath, the station remained a main source of news about disaster relief efforts.

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