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Last Year in America

Last Year in America

Three of the Biggest Broadcast Stories of 2018

Every day, millions of Americans turn to their local radio and TV broadcasters for news, information and high-quality journalism. The stories aired on these stations reflect — and shape — the national conversation, illustrating the concerns of Americans nationwide.

The National Association of Broadcasters’ “Last Year in America” report dives into these trends, highlighting important issues in communities across the country.

Here’s a preview of the full report:

6 Million Stories on Elections

1. 6 Million Stories on Elections

Local radio and TV stations aired nearly 6 million stories on elections throughout the course of 2018. Beginning with primary season and through result recounts, reporters provided continuous updates of local and midterm elections.

5 Million Stories on Natural Disasters

2. 5 Million Airings on Natural Disasters

During a historic wild fire season and intense hurricane season, broadcasters provided on-going reports to help local residents stay safe in times of crisis. Producing this natural disaster reporting takes planning: stations provide food and sleeping arrangements for staff so they can safely work.

“We've got enough comfortable couches and a shower to accommodate a long stay,” said Joseph Brannan, assistant general manager of Georgia’s PMB Media, before Hurricane Michael hit the region.

3 Friday Night Lights

3. Friday Night Lights

High school football has a special hold on audiences. Of the 200,000 stories about high school sport championships, 180,000, or 90 percent of them, were about football.

For more information on these broadcast trends, or to explore more, read Last Year in America.

How Broadcasters Serve Their Communities

More than 2.47 million American jobs depend on broadcasting, and the local broadcast radio and television industry - and the businesses that depend on it - generate $1.17 trillion annually for the nation's economy.

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