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Broadcasters' Investigative News Provide Communities with the Information They Need to be Informed Citizens

Broadcasters' Investigative News Provide Communities with the Information They Need to be Informed Citizens

March 23, 2023

Local TV and radio stations’ award-winning investigative news units uncover government corruption, question those in power and ensure consumers have a powerful voice to fight back against scams. This valuable investigative work improves the quality of lives in our communities and provides viewers and listeners with the information they need to be informed citizens.

Journalism Partnership Explores Racial Disparity in Traffic Stops in Cleveland Suburb

Scripps-owned News 5 Cleveland partnered with nonprofit journalism organization The Marshall Project-Cleveland to produce “How a Wealthy Cleveland Suburb Profits From Ticketing Black Drivers.” With digital and televised coverage, the piece explored individuals’ “lived experiences” and included statistics and interviews with local experts as well as discussions with residents, legislators and law enforcement.

Orlando Station WKMG Investigates Public Record Delays

An investigation from Graham Media Group’s News 6 WKMG in Orlando explored delays in release of public records to citizens and journalists caused by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office’s practice of “reviewing” these records from state agencies. The report discussed the legality of these delays, including analysis from watchdog organizations and nonprofits, state officials and the governor’s office. “Whether it’s intentional or not, it has the obvious effect of unreasonably delaying the constitutional right of access to public records,” said a representative from the Florida Center for Government Accountability.

WTOP Report Addresses Deceptive Restaurant Fees in Washington, D.C.

As Washington, D.C., consumers have raised questions about new fees appearing on restaurant bills, Hubbard Broadcasting station WTOP covered a consumer alert from the city’s attorney general. The report breaks down the difference between legal and deceptive fees and provides contact information for consumers to report potential violations.

WGN Radio in Chicago Investigates the “Pink Tax” and Offers Consumer Solutions

Nexstar Media-owned WGN Radio in Chicago shared a story about fighting the “pink tax” on goods marketed to women during rising inflation. “We have to look at how we push back with legislation. When we think about economic justice, we often only think of equal pay, but that’s not the only area where women are experiencing economic injustice,” said Christian F. Nunes, president of the National Organization for Women, an advocacy group dedicated to defending women’s rights. “They charge you more, but also underpay you. It’s harder to have a sustainable life.”

NBC Los Angeles Investigates Consumer Complaints after Canceled Concert

After a music festival costing thousands of dollars was canceled at the last minute, NBC Los Angeles spoke to consumers, organizers and the Better Business Bureau to investigate the likelihood of getting refunds. The story included a tip for consumers: “Experts suggest you pay with a credit card for big purchases like this, so you can dispute the charge if something goes wrong.”

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