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Covering Politics in Your Community and Across the Country

In the runup to November’s midterm elections, broadcasters nationwide are reporting on the issues and candidates on the ballot, so you can make informed decisions on Election Day.

In addition to hard-hitting investigations and daily campaign coverage, radio and TV stations are hosting debates. These events, hosted by stations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and more, give you the chance to understand where candidates stand on issues such as health care, immigration and tariffs.

Broadcasters also encourage citizens to head to the polls through PSAs and voter registration drives.

These efforts help to showcase the important role broadcasters play in elections and our democracy.

How Broadcasters Serve Their Communities

More than 2.47 million American jobs depend on broadcasting, and the local broadcast radio and television industry - and the businesses that depend on it - generate $1.17 trillion annually for the nation's economy.

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