Thank you for joining the National Association of Broadcasters in our efforts to educate and remind policymakers of the important and unique role broadcasters play in every local community and how they are innovating to better serve listeners and viewers.

Your active involvement in this campaign will determine its success.

NAB is providing TV and radio spots for stations to air throughout the year that will help inform policymakers, and your listeners and viewers, that local TV and radio stations bring communities the most trusted news and information, and the entertainment they love, anywhere and anytime.

On this page, you will find a link to download the spots, as well as additional resources to help you participate in this campaign. You can also download these suggestions for participating.

We also encourage you to visit NAB’s Speak Up website for tips and strategies on communicating your local activities directly to policymakers.

Speaking to a group about the power of broadcasting? Download the We Are Broadcasters PowerPoint presentation and customize it with images from your station along with ways you are serving the community through local news, emergency information and providing the most valued entertainment.

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NAB has produced several video spots to support the We Are Broadcasters campaign and educate policymakers and audiences. To view and download the videos for your website, social media channels or presentations, click the button below.

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NAB is providing banner ads that stations can place on their website to promote the We Are Broadcasters campaign. To view and download ads for your website, email newsletter or blog, click the button below.

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NAB has created a series of print ads that bolster the messages of the We Are Broadcasters campaign that stations can also use. To view and download high-resolution PDFs of ads, click the button below.

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NAB is providing infographics optimized for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr that stations can use to promote broadcasting. To view and download the graphics, click the button below.

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Take every opportunity to share with legislators and their staff how local broadcasting is unique – when they are in your station, when you meet with them at their office or when you meet them at a local event. Download this America’s Broadcasters document to share with policymakers. Make sure to amplify the many ways you support your local communities:

  • First informers during times of crisis; we are reliable when other forms of communication are not.
  • The most trusted source of news, utilizing local reporters and investigative journalists to uncover stories.
  • Supporting local and national charities and helping our listeners and viewers in times of need.
  • Innovating and investing in new technologies to provide better services for listeners and viewers – online, on air and on the go.
  • Providing jobs in every local community and connecting local businesses with local consumers, spurring economic activity.

NAB is providing web banner ads for state broadcaster associations and stations to use on their websites. To download the banner ads for your state, click the buttons below.

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Thank you for your participation in this important campaign and for helping us advocate for a bright broadcast future with members of Congress.

Please email us at with questions or feedback.

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